Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Time Gossip: The Marquise de Sade

So, you've heard the term Sadist, am I correct? Well, let me introduce you to the man who coined the term.

The Marquise de Sade may not look like a disgusting vile man. He fits the picture of a Hollywood bad guy. He was truly twisted. Bondage, S & M and whatever else you can think of, he did it.

He was born into the life of aristocracy in Paris. What caused him to become the person he is known as? Well, it might have been his relationship with his father but we might never know. He led the life of a noble, however, his private life was one of scandal and in the high times of gossip, nothing could be kept private any longer. It was widely known he procured prostitutes and if he didn't expect them to say anything, he was horribly wrong. They complained about his ill treatment towards him to the authorities and they kept him under observation (surprising, because you would have thought they would have pressed it aside do to his rank in society) Well, he did something very naughty and this was the beginning of his downfall. One of Sade's first major scandals occurred on Easter Sunday in 1768, in which he procured the sexual services of a woman, Rose Keller. He was accused of taking her to his chateau at Arcueil, imprisoning her there and sexually and physically abusing her. She escaped by climbing out of a second-floor window and running away. And you guessed it, this led him to prison!! He would be in and out of prison his entire life, actually. I'm sure it became normal for him after awhile, in fact, he probably enjoyed it, seeing as he tried to seduce most of his young fellow prisoners. He actually lost his mind later in life and was known for his "Writings" such as "philosophy in the bedroom" and "Justin and Julliette." You can procure his writings online for free, actually if your an expert googler and a daring person. Be warned.